3 Benefits of a Lower Blepharoplasty

lower blepharoplasty Salt Lake City, UTA lower eyelid lift or a lower blepharoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that Dr. Watterson performs at our office. During this fairly quick procedure, we will typically use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, once it has been numbed, Dr. Watterson will remove excess skin and fat underneath the eye. Then, he will tighten the skin and stitch it up. But why exactly is this procedure done?

It Improves Vision


Usually, when patients get an upper blepharoplasty, we remove and lift the skin on the upper eyelid to improve their vision. However,  if there is too much bulging skin underneath the eye, it can also obscure your vision. Luckily, by removing it, we can help restore your vision so that you can see a lot more clearly; especially when you are looking down.

You’ll Look Less Tired

One of the worst things someone can say to you is, “Well, you look tired!” But that’s just an excellent way of telling someone that they look haggard. If you feel like you always look tired because of the dark circles under your eyes, then a lower blepharoplasty. may be able to help. Oftentimes, as a genetic condition, bags under the eyes worsen as you get older, but by getting rid of them and tightening the skin, we can help to improve your appearance drastically.

You’ll Look Younger

Having excess skin on any part of your body can make you look older than you may care to admit; especially skin in the face. By tightening the skin under your eyes and removing excess skin, we can give you a more youthful look in virtually no time.

If you think that a lower blepharoplasty will help give you the results that you’ve been wanting, then contact our Draper office at 801-571-2020. During your initial consultation, we will do a brief physical evaluation, go over all available options and help you decide if a lower blepharoplasty. is the best route for you to take.

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