Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover is one of our most popular procedures among patients who have decided their childbearing days are behind them. It brings back your pre-baby body by rejuvenating both the breasts and the torso.

Breast rejuvenation typically involves a breast lift, a breast implant placement or both. As a result of changes to a woman’s body during pregnancy and/or breast feeding, the breasts tend to droop and lose volume. An implant, a lift or a mastopexy can restore this volume as well as the shape of your breasts. 

Tummy rejuvenation typically involves a tummy tuck and is a major component of  a  Mommy Makeover. During pregnancy, the stretching of the lower abdomen affects not only the skin (often resulting in stretch marks), but the muscle layers. No matter how many sit-ups you may do after childbirth, you’re fighting a losing battle with muscles that lack the ability to recoil back into pre-baby shape. The surgery of a tummy tuck includes tightening the inner layers of the abdomen as well as removing the loose skin of the lower abdomen.

The combination of these two procedures or Mommy Makeover is  powerful and beautiful in restoring your shape and confidence.

We offer our patients Exparel, a long-term local pain medicine that we inject at the time of a tummy tuck. This is a time-tested bupivacaine, similar to the local anesthetic used by dentists. Pain is under control and you can be up and about more quickly, which is helpful in reducing the length of recovery time. With Exparel, you can also avoid narcotic pain pills and the side effects associated with them.

We also offer the addition of scar recovery gel by SkinMedica. This product contains scientifically proven ingredients that decrease the inflammation or redness of scars while helping them heal faster.


  • These procedures are recommended for patients who are not planning on having any more children. Pregnancy after the Mommy Makeover will not hurt the child, but it would potentially hinder long-term benefits and results.
  • Full recovery can take up to four weeks. The first week after surgery, mothers with young children should plan to have help around the house on a regular basis, because tasks such as lifting and driving will be severely restricted. As healing continues over the next few weeks, more and more activity is encouraged, but it can take up to a month to return to a normal routine. So as you plan ahead for special events (summer vacation, a family wedding, a class reunion), we encourage you to factor in the proper amount of recovery time.


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