The Importance of Ultrasound Screenings of Breast Implants

Your breast implants are an investment in yourself that provides aesthetic enhancement and confidence. As with any implanted medical device, though, breast implants do carry a risk of rupture over time. Detecting a ruptured breast implant as early as possible ensures you can take appropriate action before complications arise. This is why regular ultrasound screenings of ...

Top Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift With Augmentation

Breast augmentation and lifts are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries done in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your breasts with an augmentation, you might consider a breast lift with augmentation instead. There are some real benefits to having both at once. One ...

What Is Medical Weight Loss Management?

Weight loss is a personal journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Medical weight loss management offers clinical support and treatments as you combine exercise and diet with scientifically supported treatments. Dr. Paul A. Watterson offers weight loss management in Draper, UT, using one of the leading medications: semaglutide.  Marketed as Ozempic® and ...
men’s skin health

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Men’s Skin Health

When it comes to glowing skin, most people think about products for women. But men also care about their appearance, including reducing wrinkles, preventing fine lines, and brightening their complexion. Men’s skin health is a specialty that focuses on helping men address a variety of concerns, such as acne, rashes, and skin cancer risks. Personalize Your ...
Woman's belly before and after weight loss on gray background

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat with a Tummy Tuck

Are you tired of struggling with stubborn belly fat that just won’t seem to budge, no matter how hard you diet and exercise? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves frustrated by pockets of fat that cling to their midsection despite their best efforts. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you ...

Which Problem Areas Can Liposuction Treat?

During liposuction, a thin tube called a cannula is placed beneath the patient's skin in their identified problem area to remove unwanted or stubborn body fat by the use of suction. One of the most incredible benefits of this procedure is that it can be done on several parts of the body, depending on the specific ...

Should I Combine My Breast Lift With An Augmentation?

A breast lift and breast augmentation are two different surgical procedures with their respective advantages. However, when combining the two of these procedures, you can garnish the benefits of both approaches in one sitting.  This helps you save time overall with your recovery and visits to the doctor’s office. While on the surface combining these two treatments ...

What a Facelift Can Do For You

facelift Are you starting to notice that your skin is beginning to sag? Or are other signs of aging beginning to appear? If so, this can be damaging to your self-confidence and quality of life. Luckily, with advancements in technology and medicine, there are plenty of options to keep you and your skin looking and ...
Body contouring

A Guide for Body Contouring Procedures

Body contouring As we grow older, we may not like how our skin starts to sag. Having a stomach that droops over our pelvic area and “bat wings” on our arms can make us not like what we see in the mirror. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the natural effects of aging, childbirth, and ...
man with healthy skin applies cream for anti wrinkle

Men’s Skin Health: Simplifying Skincare for the Modern Man

Both men and women face similar challenges in maintaining healthy skin, but their approaches differ significantly. Many men rely on a basic soap bar in the shower. It may be nice for some to keep their skin looking its best this way, but it may not be enough for others. Fortunately, there's a solution: a ...

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