Saline Vs. Silicone: How to Land On the Type of Implant for you

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake City, UTOnce you have made the decision to get a breast augmentation, you may think that you are done with the whole decision making process, but there are several more decisions left for you to make. During your initial consultation with Dr. Paul A. Watterson he will go over everything from incisions, implant placement, size, shape, to the type of implants that are available to you. One of the biggest things for you to consider both before, after, and during your consultation is what type of implant you want to go with: Saline or silicone.


Saline implants have been notorious for being an easier implant because when you get a leak in them, it’s easy to spot right away whereas saline can take a really long time for you to identify. Another benefit of saline implants is that they are harder which is something that some patients who exercise a lot prefer.


Silicone implants are the most popular types of implants out there because they tend to feel a lot more natural. Why? Because they are made of a gel-like solution which makes them a little bit softer. Additionally, there is a new type of silicone implant out there called the gummy bear implant. The gummy bear implant tends to look a little bit more natural which is something that patients like even more.

The best way for you to determine what type of implant is best for you is to come into our office and schedule a consultation so that you can feel them. To learn a little bit more about breast augmentation surgery, contact us at our Draper office today and call us at 801 571 2020.

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