Cases in Facelift

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Facelift – Case 7

March 5, 2019

PATIENT’S AGE: 60 REASONS FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE(s): N/A PROCEDURE(s): Facelift RESULTS/BENEFITS: 60 year old underwent facelift and excision of fatty tissue in neck.

Facelift – Case 6

PATIENT’S AGE: 53 REASONS FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE(s): N/A PROCEDURE(s): Face Lift and Neck Lift RESULTS/BENEFITS: 53 year old women wanted neck contour improvement, who underwent a face lift and neck lift.

Facelift – Case 5

PATIENT’S AGE: 59 PATIENT DETAILS: 59 year old desired facial rejuvenation. REASON FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE: Desires improvement in facial rejuvenation. RESULTS/BENEFITS: Underwent facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery and temporal lift with subsequent minor revision surgery to upper eyelids and neck.

Facelift – Case 4

PATIENT’S AGE: 54 PROCEDURE(s): Desires facial rejuvenation underwent lower facelift.

Facelift – Case 3

PATIENT’S AGE: 65 PROCEDURE(s): Underwent facelift and browlift for facial rejuvenation.

Facelift – Case 2

PATIENT’S AGE: 56 REASON FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE: After losing weight, patient had very significant laxity of the neck and lower face. RESULTS/BENEFITS: Had a facelift with SMAS and cervicoplasty.

Facelift – Case 1

PATIENT’S AGE: 70 REASON FOR CHOOSING PROCEDURE: Unhappy with drooping neck skin. RESULTS/BENEFITS: Loves his new neckline.

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