Skincare Tips for Men

Skin care for Men Skincare isn’t just for women. In fact, more than ever, men are embracing self-care and grooming habits that women have performed for years. Whether the reason is vanity or if you’re looking to gain an edge over others in the workplace, there’s no wrong reason to take more pride in your appearance as well as your overall health. Here are some simple skin care tips that you can add to your daily routine to maintain the youthfulness of your face as well as protect against more serious concerns such as skin cancer.

Always wear sunscreen

This may seem crazy in the middle of winter, but it’s important that you’re always wearing sunscreen, no matter the time of year. Especially if you’re going outside to take part in winter sports, the snow has been known to reflect and cause serious sun damage to your skin. Don’t risk it and wear at least SPF30 every single day.

Use a good cleanser

It’s not enough to just be washing your face, what you use to wash it with matters too. Use a gentle cleanser instead of harsh soaps or face scrubs. The skin on your face is sensitive, you don’t want to overdo it. If you’d like a specific recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Invest in good razors

It can be tempting to just grab the cheapest razor you can find at the drugstore, but you’re doing your skin a disservice if you do that. A good quality razor can actually last a lifetime, so it’s worth the investment. Also, keep in mind a razor that suits your skin sensitivity as well as beard coarseness and you should be set. While the blade is important, it’s also important that you’re using the right shave gel. Using a moisturizing shave gel in the shower or immediately after will give you the best long term effects.

Wear facial moisturizer

This is such an important tip that many men don’t do, but wear a facial moisturizer. Moisturizing daily gives you smooth, touchable skin and helps you to avoid feeling dry and scaly. Don’t worry, there are tons of fragrance-free options that will do the trick. Many times, moisturizers will have SPF included so you really only have to do one of these steps instead of sunscreen AND moisturizer.

We hope these simple skincare tips help change your routine. If you’re curious about more dramatic or intense skin treatments, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 801-571-2020. We’d love to discuss your options.

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