The Importance of Ultrasound Screenings of Breast Implants

ultrasound screenings of breast implants Your breast implants are an investment in yourself that provides aesthetic enhancement and confidence. As with any implanted medical device, though, breast implants do carry a risk of rupture over time. Detecting a ruptured breast implant as early as possible ensures you can take appropriate action before complications arise. This is why regular ultrasound screenings of breast implants are so valuable for women with breast implants.

Ultrasound Screenings Can Detect Silent Ruptures

Many ruptured breast implants do not present obvious outward symptoms like a change in breast shape or size. These so-called “silent ruptures” can only be detected via imaging like an ultrasound or MRI scan. Getting an ultrasound screening allows the detection of both symptomatic and silent ruptures, so you are aware of the integrity of your implants. Without screening, you may not even realize your implants have ruptured for years.

The Dangers of Breast Implant Ruptures

A ruptured implant releases silicone gel that can migrate from the breast capsule into surrounding tissue. This can prompt painful inflammation, changes to breast shape, and interfere with mammogram imaging. Ruptured implants are also associated with systemic autoimmune issues in some women. That is why early detection via ultrasound is key, allowing prompt revision surgery so no complications arise.

If left unaddressed, the inflammation and distortion from a rupture can lead to chronic pain, asymmetry between breasts, and other issues. The inflammation can even damage surrounding nerves. Catching a rupture early keeps your options open – a delay can mean more invasive reconstructive procedures.

Breast Implant Revision Restores Your Peace of Mind

If an ultrasound does reveal a ruptured breast implant, do not worry. Revision surgery removes the ruptured implants and replaces them with new, intact ones. Breast implant revision is a relatively straightforward procedure when detected early. Within a few weeks of the procedure, your implants will be restored to their former look and feel. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of a potential issue promptly.

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Putting off screening means you are leaving a potential problem unaddressed inside your body. Getting periodic ultrasound scans gives you crucial information about your breast health so issues can be resolved promptly if found. 

Dr. Watterson is now offering quick and painless ultrasound screenings for only $100 to check breast implant integrity. Contact the Draper, UT, office of Paul A. Watterson, MD, today at 801-571-2020 to schedule your appointment for ultrasound screening and safeguard your breast implant investment.

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